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Repetition is a funny thing

Ive never been that good at keeping up with a strict routine. Workouts, running, photos... they are all a pain in the ass for me to do on set days. Stuff just comes up, I forget, I make excuses.   Its something im constantly working on and I feel I constantly will work on for the rest of my life. But thats ok. I do make the most of my efforts. I listen to a great photography podcast called On Taking Pictures. Listen to it. If you are into anything creative it is a great podcast. Anyway, they have a great community on google+ and they recently started a photo a day section with great success and I decided to give it a go. Of course I did well in the beginning but it quickly dropped to a photo every other day to a couple a week. While I had a hard time remembering/motivating to shoot something I made it a point to challenge myself every so often by shooting something that required more than an app on my iPhone. My last self imposed challenge was to recreate the look of an old still life painting but in my own way. I had never done anything like it before and was unsure what the results would be. So off to google I went for some quick reference images to see how the masters painted their light, then off to the studio I went. 

Photo Jul 30, 1 40 29 AM.jpg

It was a simple one light set up with a boom arm to dangle some grapes by a length of fishing line to "float" them above a container with other grapes in them. I really wanted to push myself with this so I decided to use a clear wine glass to hold my "fallen" grapes. Dealing with glair on glass and lighting everything else the way I want is always daunting but with only a few height/angle adjustments I had the light playing nice. This image actually came together relatively quick and has given me the inspiration to do a whole series in this fashion. more fruit will be on the way! 

 In trying to keep to a strict shooting schedule I failed on one account but by pushing myself and shooting things im not comfortable with I have found a new style and inspiration that I would have never stumbled upon otherwise. So, try new things and try them often and maybe you'll find something you would have never expected to enjoy all while furthering your skill set. 



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